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By Jane Fowler Morse

Examines the criminal and political info of faculty investment reform in manhattan, Vermont, and Ontario.

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As part of the Ontario reforms in 1996, centralized tax collection deprived boards of the right to tax. When the government demanded balanced budgets from the boards, but did not grant adequate funds, boards were forced to cut programs. 101 Premier Eves ultimately was voted out of office, in part over this issue. 102 Likewise, in Rochester, the mayor became responsible for the city schools. That these takeovers will prove to be more “efficient” seems doubtful. Decentralization usually promotes efficiency better than centralizing the power in one person’s hands, especially if that person is only remotely connected with the situation.

Most people are conservative by nature and like to do things as they have done them in the past. Many thinkers in the classical liberal tradition propose that people are naturally inclined to be selfinterested, although others propose that perhaps they could be educated to seek the common good, or at least to be ethical in seeking their own self-interest. According to the classical liberal tradition, in addition to being self-interested, people form political factions to pursue special interests.

Unfortunately, history has proved Madison wrong. It is now apparent that “intelligence,” including that tested by pencil and paper tests, can be taught. 64 Nor are the fluid, shifting groups that Madison envisioned characteristic of politics in the United States today. Contrary to Madison’s view, the two-party system is entrenched in custom; many people even believe that it is enshrined in the Constitution. Unfortunately, the right of minorities to an equitable education has become more difficult to protect, despite Brown, since the Rodriguez court refused to accord education constitutional protection as a fundamental right.

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