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By William Smith

География Италии и первые жители, короли Рима, учреждение республики, захват Рима галлами, союзы, войны ..., вплоть до Ромула Августа 476 года нашей эры.-This is a brief historical past of Rome, from the earliest instances to the institution of the empire, through William Smith, with a continuation to A.D. 479. via Eugene Lawrence. From the contents: geography of Italy and early population, the kings of Rome, the institution of the republic, decemvirate, the catch of Rome via the Gauls, the ultimate union of the 2 orders, Punic wars, ... , to Romulus Augustulus A.D. 476.--

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If a Patrician man married a Plebeian wife, or a Patrician woman a Plebeian husband, the state refused to recognize the marriage, and the offspring was treated as illegitimate. The Plebeians had to complain not only of political, but also of private wrongs. The law of debtor and creditor was very severe at Rome. [14] Nay, in certain cases he might even be put to death by the creditor; and if there were more than one, his body might be cut in pieces and divided among them. The whole weight of this oppressive law fell upon the Plebeians; and what rendered the case still harder was, that they were frequently compelled, through no fault of their own, to become borrowers.

C. 444 three Military Tribunes were nominated for the first time. In the following year (443) two new magistrates, called Censors, were appointed. They were always to be chosen from the Patricians; and the reason of the institution clearly was to deprive the Military Tribunes of some of the most important functions, which had been formerly discharged by the Consuls. C. C. 400, or nearly forty years afterward, that any Plebeians were actually elected. C. 421 the Quæstorship was also thrown open to them.

Valerius, the Consul. These repeated enactments gave a still farther sanction to the law. In the same way the Great Charter of England was ratified several times. 2. That the Plebiscita, or resolutions passed by the Plebeians in the Comitia Tributa, should have the force of laws, and should be binding alike upon Patricians and Plebeians. 3. That the persons of the Tribunes, Ædiles, and other Plebeian magistrates should be sacred, and whoever injured them should be sold as a slave. Virginius now accused Appius Claudius, who was thrown into prison to await his trial.

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