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By Guy Gavriel Kay

The writer of The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy-hailed via Andre Norton as "one of the very best...since Tolkien"-returns with a severely acclaimed myth of 2 eternally adversarial kingdoms: one governed through males, the opposite through girls.

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Moreover, who wants a fortress that has fallen, and is known to be pregnable? • All neighborhoods are patrolled—the more important or wealthy the area, the heavier the patrols. Drow rarely dare to assault or insult other drow (one never knows when one is facing a master of Sorcere out for some fun, or a magically-disguised priestess of Lloth or Matron Mother on important business bent, and armed with a short temper), but obvious non-drow may be challenged almost continuously in the first three areas listed above.

For this reason, no passing stranger is refused hospitality at a meal, but is instead invited to sit down and partake. Lloth, it is said, has been known to reward those who please her with magical powers, minor but permanent transformations of their physical frailties or shortcomings, or gifts of magical items—but she has also been known to strike dead entire families 49 who irritate or displease her by turning their food and drink to deadly poison. If the talk, as she listens or passes near, is of someone she favored, Lloth sometimes causes the real-seeming image of the dead hero spoken of to appear, responding to the speakers with silent gestures and expressions as if they live, and can hear what is being said.

Baelaskros Do’Ilisharr (drow male F6, grossly fat): bulk grain, dates, and other foodstuffs • Tlar Quel’tlarn (drow male F2): fine metal smithing, gemsetting, and locksmithing • Rhauvais del'Ygana (drow female F6): weapons, exotic and high-quality (speciality: concealed and venomed bodyweaponry for nobles) Eastmyr Those not successful enough to dwell in Manyfolk live in the poorer, less esteemed neighborhood of Eastmyr. Struggling merchants, outlaws and the penniless, mercenaries, and non-drow of no particular wealth or power dwell here.

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