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By Laura Restrepo

"How am i able to inform him that he'll by no means locate her, after he has been looking for her all his existence? If i may check with him with out breaking his middle, there's something i'd inform him, in hopes it's going to cease his sleepless nights and wrongheaded look for a shadow. i'd repeat this to him: 'Your Matilde Lina is in limbo, the residing position of these who're neither useless nor alive.' yet that may be like severing the roots of the tree that helps him. along with, why do it if he's not going to think me."

In the midst of struggle, the protagonists of A story of the Dispossessed are continually looking: for a promised land, a future, the face of a girl who has disappeared -- trying to find an very unlikely love and, conversely, for a love that's possible.

A method station for refugees from violence is the atmosphere for an extreme love triangle within which an uprooted and wandering humans lead the reader to event the collective drama of compelled relocation. A story of the Dispossessed speaks to us in regards to the inexorable legislation that has led guy, expelled from paradise because the days of Adam via to trendy occasions, in his look for a fashion again home.

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