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By Elizabeth Chapman Hoult (auth.)

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A corresponding reengagement with literary theory and the serious challenge it offered to the certainty and prevalence of social scientific explanations of education accompanied Ecdysis ● 21 my extended reading of fictional texts relating to the subject. I was interested in how incorporating a character whom I considered to be Rita’s opposite— Carol in Mamet’s 1993 play Oleanna — could help me make still more sense of what resilient learning might mean. It became clear to me that Ovid’s first-century (c.

From this analysis, I arrive at a model of five capabilities that seem to be significant in the way that resilient adult learners are able to negotiate their way through adult education. I consider the ways in which the Pygmalion story allows for resilience, and also the centrality of the notion of transformation in the texts. In Chapter Three, a reading of two contrasting texts— Oleanna (Mamet, 1993) and Educating Rita —is placed in the context of the developing understanding of transformational adult learning in the Ovidian sense.

I tentatively suggest, therefore, that the resilient learner has an open capacity for using language in plural ways and going beyond boundaries from the outset—it is all possible, and so this allows her to be open to different kinds of language. This capacity for learning is noted by the teacher as quintessential to her ability to learn. 56 This “complete new language” allows her to take on words and cast them off in the way that others put on clothes. She then teaches the new language to others—like the dim but upper-class Eynesford-Hills, to comic effect.

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