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By George Contopoulos

The box of Order and Chaos had a awesome enlargement within the final 50 years. the most cause used to be using desktops, and the improvement of latest theoretical equipment that we name now 'the concept of chaos'. the writer describes this attention-grabbing interval in a calm and infrequently funny autobiographical manner. He relates his interactions with many of us in dynamical astronomy and he prices a number of anecdotes from those interactions. He refers additionally to his reviews while he served in a number of overseas positions, resembling basic secretary of the IAU and chairman of the magazine Astronomy and Astrophysics. lately the speculation of chaos has been prolonged to new components, like relativity, cosmology and quantum mechanics and it maintains increasing in just about all branches of physics. The e-book describes many very important rules during this box in an easy manner. It refers additionally to difficulties of extra basic curiosity, like writing papers and giving lectures and the interplay of authors and referees. ultimately it provides a few worthwhile clients for the way forward for dynamical astronomy and similar fields.

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Very recently the integrals of the elliptic restricted three-body problem were used in explaining the appearance of stable chaos in the solar system (Varvoglis et al. 2003). Namely the orbits of certain asteroids are chaotic, but nevertheless these asteroids do not escape from a certain resonance region. The explanation is that these orbits are restricted by constraints due to a third integral of motion. When the use of computer algebra was generalized it was possible to find series expansions for the third integral to very high orders.

But when the perturbation increases, the resonant regions increase in size, and they finally interact with each other. g. in a 4:1 resonance one finds four islands of stability, and in a 3:1 resonance three islands of stability (Fig. 12a). The sizes of the islands are derived theoretically by the corresponding resonant forms of the third integral. But if the perturbation is large enough the theoretical islands should overlap. In fact the orbits cannot follow one resonance rather than the other and they become chaotic.

The Institute is located in the midst of a nice forest. Every day I was walking in the forest, and several times I could see deer grazing there. I lived in a nice apartment at the limit of the forest, and I used the office of Dr. Str¨ omgren when he left Princeton. I learned, later, that this office had been the office of Albert Einstein. The Institute was ideally suited for work. It was very quiet, but at lunch time it was very lively. During that time I had discussions with many important people, that I knew only from the literature.

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