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By Samantha Holland

Think a global the place oppressive, over-feminized media photographs of girls have re-armed themselves with military boots, physique ameliorations, and flamboyant hair. is that this simply one other fairy story, and if this is the case, why can't it's a truth? Holland unpacks the parable of version womanhood and considers how a bunch of genuine ladies outline and perform "femininity." How does getting older impact notions of femininity? What do girls take into consideration model, gender, and visual appeal as they get older and not more seen in our media ruled society? Do they decide to tone down or remain "out there," and what motivates their selection? substitute Femininities supplies voice to a formerly silent staff of ladies who fight to withstand sexist gender stereotypes, but age with variety, individuality and creativity. via taking a look at how actual ladies negotiate self-perception in an more and more image-conscious society, Holland presents a corrective to different debts of gender and femininity missing in actual data.

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Women’s bodies are fragmented and objectified in contemporary culture, and are ‘more embodied than men … in popular culture and popular imagination’ (Morgan, 1993: 69): they are used as a casual commodity in representations in the media and popular culture (Craik, 1994; Macdonald, 1995) and are seen to be available for use in many other ways, for example, from being judged from a building site or in a Miss World contest to the attitudes to rape and assault (Brownmiller, 1986; Gregory and Lees, 1999).

Resistance to sexism, a political position, becomes embodied in the ‘masculine’, ‘defeminised’ feminist body. Additionally, assuming that being unfeminine equates with masculinity is at odds with my interviewees’ use of the terms ‘fluffy’ and ‘girly’, which created broader definitions of what femininity means. As Brownmiller puts it: Femininity always demands more … To be insufficiently feminine is viewed as a failure in core sexual identity, or as a failure to care sufficiently about oneself, for a woman found to be wanting will be appraised (and will appraise herself) as mannish or neutered or simply unattractive, as men have defined these terms (1984: 3).

Femininities 30/4/04 3:16 pm Page 39 Negotiating Fluffy Femininities used, so the term ‘grrl’ was a reclamation and revamp of ‘girl’, identifying it with angry, politicised, feminist young women (although arguably the term ‘grrl’ has now become just as exclusionary). Again, none of the women in this study identified themselves as ‘grrls’, although several mentioned it. Describing Traditional Femininity. Sugar and spice and all things nice That’s what little girls are made of As the nursery rhyme tells us, girls are traditionally seen as sweet and nice.

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