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By Douglas Kellner

Explaining the Donald Trump phenomenon is a problem that might occupy severe theorists of U.S. politics for future years. first of all, Donald Trump received the Republican fundamental contest and is now a contender within the U.S. Presidential Election simply because he's the master of media spectacle, which he has deployed to create resonant pictures of himself in his enterprise occupation, in his attempt to develop into a star and reality-TV celebrity, and now his political crusade. extra disturbingly, Trump embodies Authoritarian Populism and has used racism, nationalism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and the irritating underside of yankee politics to mobilize his supporters in his profitable Republican basic crusade and within the hotly contested 2016 normal election.

The Trump phenomenon is a teachable moment that is helping us comprehend the alterations and contour of U.S. politics within the modern second and the function of broadcast media, new media and social networking, and the politics of the spectacle. Trump unearths the specter of authoritarian populism, a phenomenon that's now worldwide in scope, and the hazards of the increase to strength of anyone who's hugely damaging, who represents the worst of the 1 percentage billionaire enterprise classification who masquerades as a “voice of the forgotten guy” as he advances a political schedule that principally merits the wealthy and the army, and who's a transparent and current risk to U.S. democracy and worldwide peace. The booklet records how Trump’s upward thrust to worldwide star and now political strength is certain up together with his use of media spectacle and the way his use of authoritarian populism has created a mass circulate past his presidency and a risk to the traditions of U.S. democracy in addition to fiscal safeguard and global peace.

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48 I will systematically inventory key Frommian socio-psychoanalytic categories and how they can be applied to Trump to illuminate his authoritarian populism. Trump, in Freudian terms used by Fromm, can be seen as the Id of American politics, often driven by sheer aggression, narcissism, and, rage. If someone criticizes him, they can be sure of being attacked back, often brutally. And notoriously, Trump exhibits the most gigantic and unrestrained Ego yet seen in US politics constantly trumping his wealth,49 his success in business, how smart he is, how women and all the people who work for him love him so much, and how his book The Art of the Deal is the greatest book ever written – although just after saying that to a Christian evangelical audience, he back-tracked and said The Bible is the greatest book, but that his Art of the Deal is the second greatest, which for Trump is the bible of how to get rich and maybe how to win elections.

31 Some of their candidates were elected to Congress and other positions and some of the movement supported Donald Trump, whereas others supported Ted Cruz and even took a NeverTrump position. Hence, the Tea Party is better seen as an anticipation of Trump’s movement than a key component of it. Like the alienated and angry followers of authoritarian populist movements throughout the world, Trump’s admirers had suffered under the vicissitudes of capitalism, globalization, and technological revolution.

Apparently, involved in a power struggle within the Trump campaign with Manafort, Lewandowski was fired. S. 53 For Fromm: “Narcissism is the essence of all severe psychic pathology. For the narcissistically involved person, there is only one reality, that of his own thought, processes, feeling and needs. ”54 In a study of Hitler in The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, Fromm develops further his analysis of the “extremely narcissistic person” and links extreme narcissism with the authoritarian leader in language that provides an uncanny anticipation of Donald Trump: “he is interested only in himself, his desires, his thoughts, his wishes; he talked endlessly about his ideas, his part, his plans; the world is interesting only as far as it is the object of his schemes and desires; other people matter only as far as they serve him or can be used; he always knows better than anyone else.

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