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By Morris Halle

An Essay on pressure provides a common idea for the characterization of the tension styles of phrases and words encountered within the languages of the global. the guts of the idea is constituted via the formal mechanism for characterizing "action at a distance", that's a unique case of the formalism wanted for the development of constituent structure.Morris Halle is Institute Professor at MIT. Jean-Roger Vergnaud is Professor of Linguistics on the collage of Maryland and Senior Researcher on the Centre nationwide de l. a. Recherche Scientifique and the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche en Informatique Linguistique in France.

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Dat. prep. The o in the stem zajom is deleted if the following syllable contains a full vowel. sg. sg. What is noteworthy from our point of view is that the deletion causes the stress to be transferred to the adjacent syllable on the left, which suggests that line 0 constituents in Russian must be right-headed. The different case forms of the Sanskrit noun devi * 'goddess' in (59a) and (59b) show stress shift to the right. (59) a. b. The cause of the stress shift in Sanskrit is not the deletion of a vowel, as in Russian, but the rule of ksaipra* sandhi, which turns high vowels into glides in prevocalic position.

By contrast, in the forms in (63b) stress is shifted away from certain vowels to which it was assigned by the rule of Constituent Construction for Winnebago onto an adjacent epenthetic vowel (see (64b)). (64) a. b. 38 39 As Hale and White Eagle observe, the difference between the examples in (64a) and those in (64b) is that in the former the vowel is inserted between metrical constituents, whereas in the latter Dorsey's Law inserts a vowel inside a constituent already present. 14 To express the alternating stress pattern of Winnebago words, it is necessary to construct binary constituents.

The required rule of asterisk deletion will be quite complicated, for it will have to state that asterisks are deleted when they appear in constituents consisting of one or two elements (that is, fewer than three). It is not clear how such a rule should be stated formally, or even whether such a rule should be allowed by the principles of rule well-formedness. None of these problems arises in the solution presented here, where the absence of initial stress in the two words under discussion is accounted for without recourse to a special rule.

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